We investigate your issue according to priority level and time of submission. You can expect an initial response within 1 business day or less.

Business Day is considered 8:30 am to 5 pm Mon to Friday

We will observe all Saskatchewan Provincial Holidays, Canadian Holidays and US Holidays as Urgent P1 if required for On-Site Service and High Priority for Remote.

Priority and type of issueExample

Urgent Priority

P1: Critical Impact - Service Unusable or coding in Production, Holiday On-Site, After Hours, Unplanned (SLA Urgent 1 hrs / 4 hrs) 2.5 hours credit for each hour service deducted.
All users or systems are down, a service is performed on holiday or require action to begin within the hour or resolved within 4 hours.

High Priority

P2: High Impact - Service Use Severely Impaired, onsite scheduled, planned coding, Holiday Remote Connection (SLA High 4 hrs / 12 hrs) 2 hours credit for each hour service deducted.
Something is not working that is affecting your business operation.  Resolve is required within the day.  Attendance is required off hours.

High end Design/Programming or Highly specialized service labor is performed.  

Medium Priority

P3: Service Use Partially Impaired, Non-Ticket Item, Unscheduled Remote Connection, Holiday Remote Connection, After Hours Remote Connection (SLA Medium 8 hrs / 1 Day) 1.5 hours credit for each hour service deducted.

The user of your company has not first either made an appointment or reported an issue with the ticketing system and needs assistance within the day if possible.

Requests or consults via txt message that do not already have a ticket.

Low Priority

P4: Low Impact - Service Fully Usable, Ticket Item, Scheduled, Remote Connection,  (SLA Low 1 Day / 3 Days) 1 hour credit for each hour service deducted.

An Appointment is booked for Remote connection service to receive 1 to 1 training, consulting or Issue is reported that a user in your company needs support at the next available time over the next 3 days.

If your company required extra documentation or billing report information time may be required to accommodate such tasks.